World of Warcraft

Rating rules

  1. Vote for the server can only registered users.
  2. Assessment of the server can be put only registered user portal.
  3. Support your chosen server, you can with the help of SMS services. All costs are voting with SMS listed on the sms-vote page.

Warning! When you register the "User Name" must be different from the nickname of the character or account on your server. Character name or account on your server, you enter the voting.

Rules for writing comments.

  1. You may not use profanity.
  2. Advertising is not permitted (foreign projects).
  3. Prohibited spam messages.
  4. To enter the site under your profile, use the email address and password you provided during registration.
  5. Comment for the server to post to registered users only.
  6. It is forbidden to insult in the comments: administrations, users . If abuse, you will be added into the black list (BAN), without any warning.

Ground rules for participation in the rating and announcements for server admins.

  1. Eligible to participate, all servers that have been tested by the Administration Portal (without breaking the rules).
  2. In ratings and announcements are prohibited from participating projects with not normative lexicon and erotic content.
  3. Once your server has been registered on our website, you will need:

    - Add our buttons to vote or participate in the announcements in a prominent part of your site.

    - Fill in the profile panel.

  4. If the site of the server, is built on a free hosting, the registration will not be accepted.
  5. In the future you will be able to moderate all the information about your server.
  6. You are not allowed to vote more than once a day, the unique voting checked on "Account" and the IP address if you have violated the right to vote will be reset to zero.
  7. Also, you can vote for your chosen server via SMS.
  8. Users who have registered are allowed to evaluate quality per server. Evaluate server allowed once / month (Note monthly estimates server reset). To evaluate the server you just need to click on the star (evaluation server), is estimated by the server reached the 10-point scale.
  9. Strictly prohibited:

    - Сheating with vote.

    - Use: scripts, programs, use the "Proxy" services for voting.

  10. It is forbidden to change the URL address of the server to another (in this case the server will be deleted from the portal).
  11. Server that is used with a stolen design or on your site contains links to other ratings will be blocked (Except rating L2top.ru).
  12. Each server is zero votes, the first of each month, clearing the server occurs within 3-days.

If any of the server is given a warning, reset all of the votes and assessment for the server, the server is blocked by a second violation and removed from participation in the ranking.