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World of Warcraft

SMS vote for the server: Rswow.ru - Фан 3.3 5а - ANTICHEAT

SMS voting is the most common way to move quickly in the ratings!

What would you vote, you need to take several steps:

  1. select the server and enter your user name for the bonus in the game
  2. select a country and operator
1 sms = 2-4 conventional voice depending on the value message.

If you came to the confirmation code, please enter it here

In connection with the fraud using applications and viruses for mobile phones introduced measures to combat attempts to payments from foreign accounts of mobile phones.
1) Is a restriction on sending no more than 40 SMS per day with the same number.
2) Game accounts convicted of fraud will be blocked on the side of gaming projects.

In case of problems, read F.A.Q. or contact techsupport.
E-mail tech support: [email protected]

Nickname character world Rswow